About client

Agua-Clean Services has a rich history in the cleaning industry. Established by Paddy Ward in 1976 as Grange Cleaning Services, the company focused on delivering high-quality window and pressure washer services. In 1998, Agua-Clean Services underwent a transformation to align with the introduction of the innovative Reach & Wash System, revolutionizing window cleaning in Ireland. Today, Agua-Clean Services has evolved into a comprehensive industrial cleaning and rope access service provider, operating throughout Ireland.

Project information


Agua Cleaning Services

General Manager

Karl Ward


Dhaka, BD

Project goals

In collaborating with AT EPOS, Agua-Clean Services pursued several core project goals:

  • The primary aim was to enhance their operational efficiency across various cleaning services. This included scheduling appointments, tracking resources, and improving overall service delivery.
  • Agua-Clean Services sought to elevate the customer experience by offering seamless appointment booking, flexible payment options, and efficient service delivery. Customer satisfaction was paramount.
  • The project aimed to provide the company with a comprehensive management system capable of handling the diverse array of services they offer, from window cleaning to rope access and more.

Final outcome

The successful implementation of AT EPOS resulted in the following outcomes for Agua-Clean Services:

  • Agua-Clean Services significantly improved their operational efficiency. The EPOS system allowed for better resource allocation, appointment management, and smoother service delivery.
  • The project succeeded in enhancing the customer experience. Agua-Clean Services implemented user-friendly appointment booking systems, flexible payment methods, and prompt service delivery, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction.
  • The project provided Agua-Clean Services with a comprehensive system to manage their diverse array of cleaning services effectively. This versatility allowed them to maintain and expand their position as a leading cleaning service provider throughout Ireland.