About client

Browne Solar Electric is a dedicated provider of solar power installations, with a specialization in serving the Leinster region. They are committed to delivering sustainable and eco-friendly energy solutions, helping residential and commercial clients harness the power of the sun to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills.

Browne Solar Electric excels in the field of solar power installations, catering to clients in the Leinster region of Ireland. Their services encompass the installation of solar panels, solar heating systems, and other renewable energy solutions. By offering these services, they contribute to a greener and more energy-efficient future.

Project information


Browne Solar Electric

Managing Director

Jordan Browne


Ballycoolin, Dublin

Project goals

In partnering with AT EPOS, Browne Solar Electric aimed to achieve several key project goals:

  • The primary objective was to optimize their operational processes by implementing a robust EPOS system. Browne Solar Electric sought to manage their installations and customer interactions more efficiently.
  • The project’s goal was to elevate the customer experience by offering convenient payment options, managing service appointments effectively, and ensuring quick and accurate transactions during solar power installations.
  • Browne Solar Electric aspired to be prepared for future expansion. They intended to ensure that their systems could accommodate the potential growth in demand for solar power installations.

Final outcome

Through the successful implementation of AT EPOS, Browne Solar Electric achieved the following outcomes:

  • The EPOS system streamlined Browne Solar Electric’s operations significantly. They were able to schedule installations, track inventory, and manage appointments more efficiently, resulting in improved service quality.
  • The project resulted in an enhanced customer experience. Browne Solar Electric introduced various payment options and optimized their processes to ensure smooth and transparent transactions, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.
  • By choosing AT EPOS, Browne Solar Electric positioned themselves for future growth. The scalable system ensured that they could accommodate increased demand and expand their services, solidifying their position as a top solar power installation specialist in Leinster.