About client

ebaskat is an e-commerce service provider located in Dublin, Ireland. They specialize in offering a wide range of e-commerce solutions and products to businesses of all sizes.

The implementation of AT EPOS significantly enhanced ebaskat’s ability to provide top-notch e-commerce services to their clients in Dublin. The project demonstrated AT EPOS’s capacity to cater to the unique needs of an e-commerce service provider, resulting in improved operational efficiency, real-time inventory management, and data driven decision-making for ebaskat and their clients.

Project information



Finance Director

Md. Saiful Islam


Dublin, Ireland

Project goals

Ebaskat, a dynamic e-commerce service provider based in Dublin, partnered with AT EPOS to achieve specific objectives for their business:

  • As an e-commerce service provider, ebaskat required a robust EPOS system to streamline their internal operations. They sought to optimize order processing, inventory management, and sales tracking for their clients’ online stores.
  • The client needed a solution to efficiently manage their clients’ product inventories, including tracking stock levels, restocking products when needed, and preventing overstock situations.
  • ebaskat aimed to leverage data analytics to make informed decisions for their clients’ businesses. This involved gaining insights into sales trends, customer behavior, and product performance.

Final outcome

AT EPOS successfully implemented an EPOS system tailored to the unique requirements of ebaskat, resulting in the following outcomes:

  • The tailored EPOS system improved order processing, catalog management, and seamless integration with clients’ online stores, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • Real-time visibility into inventory levels reduced overstock and stockout situations, benefiting clients’ e-commerce businesses.
  • Robust reporting and analytics empowered ebaskat to provide valuable data-driven insights, leading to increased sales and client satisfaction.